Anti-Rassismus, Refugee Power 

Empowerment and Solidarity / Empowerment und Solidarität (Bremen, 12/2020) 7 min.

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Dr. Sun­ny Omwe­ny­e­ke, refu­gee-acti­vist on empower­ment and soli­da­ri­ty, not pater­na­lism and charity.

Dr. Sun­ny Omwe­ny­e­ke, Refu­gee Akti­vist zu Empower­ment und Soli­da­ri­tät, statt Pater­na­lis­mus und Wohltätigkeit.

Refused Birth-Certificates / Geburtsurkunden verweigert (engl. / dt.) Bremen, 07/2020

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The Bre­men Regis­tra­ti­on Office refu­ses to give birth cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons to about 200 child­ren. The­se are all black child­ren. Without birth-cer­ti­fi­ca­te they can­not get health insuran­ce, they get no medi­cal access: neit­her the child­ren nor their mothers. The mothers held tog­e­ther with Tog­e­ther-we-are-Bre­men a pro­test action in front of the office.
Das Bre­mer Stan­des­amt ver­wei­gert ca. 200 Kin­dern die Geburts­ur­kun­de. Es sind Schwar­ze Kin­der. Die betrof­fe­nen Kin­der bekom­men ohne Geburts­ur­kun­de kei­ne Kran­ken­ver­si­che­rung, kei­nen Zugang zu medi­zi­ni­scher Ver­sor­gung: weder sie noch ihre Müt­ter. Die Müt­ter haben zusam­men mit Tog­e­ther we are Bre­men eine Pro­test­kund­ge­bung vor dem Stan­des­amt gemacht.

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Black Lives Matter Demonstration, Bremen 02.06.2020, 7 min.

Tog­e­ther We Are Bre­men orga­ni­zed spon­ta­ne­ous­ly a demons­tra­ti­on: they expec­ted about 250 peop­le com­ing, 2.500 were com­ing. The video collects some impres­si­ons from the power­ful demons­tra­ti­on, with many free­ly kept spee­ches (open micro­pho­ne for Black, Peop­le of Color — BPoC)

Edwin from Queeraspora, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Demonstration 06.2020 Bremen, 7 min.

On 2. of June 2020 the­re was a demons­tra­ti­on “Black Lives Mat­ter. Against Racism and Poli­ce bru­ta­li­ty” in Bre­men, Ger­ma­ny, orga­ni­zed very spon­ta­ne­ous­ly by Tog­e­ther We Are Bre­men. 250 peop­le were expec­ted, 2.500 have been the­re. The Micro­pho­ne was open to BPoC (Black, Peop­le of Color). 

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Edwin from Queer­as­po­ra had this speech, as “a proud Black bise­xu­al man”.

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Fato­u­ma­ta Cham, stu­dent nur­se befo­re she left Gam­bia, Refu­gee acti­vist from Tog­e­ther-We-Are-Bre­men, until her trans­fer resi­ded in Lin­den­stras­se (3 months).
Fato­u­ma­ta Cham, Refu­gee-Akti­vis­tin bei Tog­e­ther-We-Are-Bre­men, leb­te bis zu ihrem Trans­fer 3 Mona­te in der Lin­den­stra­ße, sie war stu­den­ti­sche Kran­ken­pfle­ge­rin, bevor sie Gam­bia verließ.

Living Conditions in the Camp Lindenstraße, Bremen (06.2020) / Die Situation im Lager Lindenstraße, Bremen (06.2020) 13 min.

During the Coro­na + Rama­dan times Tog­e­ther-we-are-Bre­men (TWAB) deci­ded to cook for the locked-in inha­bi­tants of the Lin­den­stras­se Camp, Bre­men, who were put under qua­ran­ti­ne. Several groups coo­ked so that every day the­re was good Afri­can food deli­ve­r­ed…
In Coro­na Zei­ten und Rama­dan hat Tog­e­ther-we-are-Bre­men (TWAB) beschlos­sen für die Bewohner*innen des Lin­den­stra­ßen Camps, die unter Qua­ran­tä­ne gestellt waren zu kochen. Ver­schie­de­ne Grup­pen haben je einen Wochen­tag über­nom­men und jeden Tag dafür gesorgt, dass trotz Qua­ran­tä­ne gutes afri­ka­ni­sches Essen ins Camp orga­ni­siert wurde.

Together-we-are-Bremen: Solidarity Cooking / Soli Kochen Bremen 05.2020, 9 min.

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Ansu on Corona Measures in the Camp (10 min) / Ansu zu Corona Maßnahmen im Lager (10 min.) Bremen 05.2020

Ansu Jan­neh lived for 5 mon­ths in Lin­den­stras­se Camp Bre­men. “They did­n’t lis­ten to us.” — “My mes­sa­ge: You have to speak up!”

Ansu Jan­neh leb­te 5 Mona­te im Lager Lin­den­stras­se, Bre­men, “Sie haben nicht auf uns gehört.” — “Mei­ne Bot­schaft: ihr müsst den Mund aufmachen!”

Speech of Modou Jobe /Modou Jobes Rede, 10 min., Bremen 05/2020

Bre­men, 4.5.2020, a pro­test action against the respon­si­ble Health Sena­tor of Bre­men. The pro­test of the group Tog­e­ther-we-are-Bre­men deman­ds the shut down of the refu­gee camp Lin­den­stras­se. Modou Jobe is one of the spea­kers at this action: The living con­di­ti­ons in Lin­den­stras­se camp have alrea­dy been bad without Coro­na pan­de­mie, now they are life/he­alth-threa­tening. The igno­ran­ce of the poor con­di­ti­ons the­re are part of a racist struc­tu­re of the society.

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Bre­men, 4.5.2020, Pro­test von Tog­e­ther-er-are-Bre­men bei der ver­ant­wort­li­chen Gesund­heits­se­na­to­rin. Die Haupt­for­de­rung ist die sofor­ti­ge Schlie­ßung der Geflüch­te­ten Sammelunterkunft/Lager Lin­den­stra­ße. Modou Jobe ist einer der Redner*innen der Akti­on: auch ohne Coro­na Pan­de­mie waren die Lebens­be­din­gun­gen in der Lin­den­stra­ße sehr schlecht, jetzt sind sie lebens- /ge­sund­heits-gefähr­dend. Das Igno­rie­ren die­ser Miss­stän­de ist ein Teil der ras­sis­ti­schen Struk­tu­ren in die­ser Gesellschaft.

Let’s open a discussion: Refugee politics in times of Corona / Zur Diskussion: Refugee Politik in Zeiten von Corona, 10 min. Bremen 05 / 2020

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 10 min. Bremen 05 / 2020

Dr. Sun­ny Omwe­ny­e­ke cri­ti­ci­zes Lower Stan­dards for Refu­gees / Dr. Sun­ny Omwe­ny­e­ke kri­ti­siert nied­ri­ge­re Stan­dards für Refugees

Tog­e­ther We Are Bre­men is pro­tes­ting in front of the office of the health sena­tor against the igno­ran­ce towards the health of refu­gees. The camps in town are end­an­ge­ring (and alrea­dy dama­ging) direct­ly the health of the inhabitants.

Corona Protection for all, protest at the health senator, Bremen 05.2020, 9 min.

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In the evening, after the demons­tra­ti­on the­re were even 2 more floo­rs to be put under qua­ran­ti­ne in the Lin­den­stras­se. One of the acti­vists got expel­led with a house ban for cri­ti­ci­zing the qua­ran­ti­ne conditions.

Lindenstrasse Demo 17.04. Bremen, 12 min.

The only Demons­tra­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny on this day — under spe­cial Coro­na-con­di­ti­ons. One day befo­re the test results pro­ved 33 peop­le posi­ti­ve on the virus in the refu­gee Camp Lin­den­stras­se (Bre­men). The sys­tem of the camp is not pro­vi­ding the nee­ded health secu­ri­ty for the inha­bi­tants. So they and sup­por­ting Bre­men groups are deman­ding again the clo­sing of such camps — espe­cial­ly in times of Coro­na. At the end they are deli­vering the 4177 let­ters of a peti­ti­on, deman­ding the clo­sure of Lin­den­stras­se camp.


Womens* protest in Lindenstrasse Camp: Corona is here! / Frauen* Protest im Lindenstraße Camp: Corona ist hier! / 04/20 Bremen, 15 min.

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Pro­test in the cen­tral camp Lin­den­stras­se, Bre­men, a huge mass camp in a for­mer indus­tri­al buil­ding. With 500–700 inha­bi­tants it is almost impos­si­ble to keep social distancing, a Coro­na infec­tion is a real thre­at. Many women with small child­ren are pro­tes­ting aginst their unpro­tec­ted situation.

Pro­test gegen die ZAST Lin­den­stras­se, Bre­men, eine rie­si­ge Sam­mel­un­ter­kunft für Geflüch­te­te in einem ehe­ma­li­gen Indus­trie-Gebäu­de. Mit 500–700 Bewohner*innen ist social distancing unmög­lich, die Coro­na-Anste­ckung eine rea­le Gefahr. Vie­le Frau­en mit klei­nen Kin­dern pro­tes­tie­ren gegen ihre schutz­lo­se Situation.

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Lindenstraße-Camp Protest, 03 /20 Bremen, 5 min.

Lin­den­stra­ße is the “arri­val-cent­re” for refu­gees in Bre­men with about 700 inha­bi­tants in a for­mer indus­tri­al buil­ding. The peop­le are living in bedrooms of 6–10 peop­le with locked win­dows. The walls are in part not up to the cei­ling, so ever­y­bo­dy hears ever­y­bo­dy; the noi­se level is all the time very high. The eating is cen­tra­li­zed, the peop­le can only eat during fixed times all tog­e­ther the can­ti­ne-food. Due to Coro­na Virus the kids are not even allo­wed any­mo­re to the sad play­ground. “Social distancing” is impos­si­ble. If offi­cials are serious about Coro­na pro­tec­tion, the camp has to be shut down as fast as pos­si­ble. (03/2020)